BEQ Group has joined hands with “Mojelim Hospital” to established a “Global Hair Transplant Business Hub” with the aim of becoming Asia’s and Thailand’s top learning center for hair transplantation and comprehensive hair and scalp care in 5 and 3 years, respectively.

BEQ Group is prepared to solidify its leading position in the comprehensive hair transplant industry by signing the first Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Thailand with Mojelim Hospital, the top hair transplant hospital in South Korea. Mojelim Hospital has been recognized for its world-leading medical technology with over 26 years of experience and has successfully served more than 120,000 cases. The main goal is to create cooperation between the two countries in order to improve skills, techniques and academic knowledge, develop research and technology in hair transplantation in acheiving the goal of becoming “Global Hair Transplant Business Hub” by 2025.

In addition, BEQ Group has a goal of expanding its business in every sectors of this business. The Group has established its hair transplant institute, hair transplant business promotion institute, integrated hair and scalp care center and research, development, import and distribution company for medical devices and pharmaceuticals for hair and scalp care. The Group has also developed a Fast Track-Short Cut for entrepreneurs or business owners who want to open a hair transplant business as well as enhancing the potential and expertise of physicians. This is to increase access to modern knowledge and techniques through this national cooperation.

BEQ Group announces its leading position in the hair transplant industry in Asia with the aim of expanding its business at international level in a short period of time through this partnership. The Group can grown its business value at both national and international levels and becomes the leader in driving this industry towards sustainability and becoming a global center in the near future.

Mr. Pornsak Jiamsawangporn, CEO and Co-Founder of BEQ Group stated that, the Company has set its revenue target for 2023 at 1,400 million Baht with 20% growth. Most of the Group’s income (300 million baht, accounting for 25% of total income) comes from hair transplant clinics, and the rest comes from business solutions institute specializing in hair transplants and medical devices, pharmaceuticals and drugs, etc.

Dr. Hwang Jung-wook, CEO of Mojelim Hospital, stated that with this partnership with BEQ Group, Mojelim Hospital hopes to increase its commercial potential in other countries, particularly Thailand. This is due to BEQ Group’s experience and abilities to make the business successful in a short period of time. Mojelim Hospital also acknowledges BEQ Group’s desire to advance the sustainability of the hair transplant market and broaden chances for doctors in Asia to have easier access to technology and techniques. This is in order to increase capacity and exchange knowledge of academic content and techniques that are beneficial to Mojelim’ patients in the future. Mojelim also intends to develop effective hair transplantation training courses to meet the standards and requirements of international training center. For the benefit of patients, Mojelim is prepared to share its real-world expertise from over 120,000 successful cases and over 26 years of work with physicians who are interested in this field.

In addition, BEQ Group has two more research and development projects as well as specialized medical equipment for hair transplantation in collaboration with Europe and America with the goal of becoming No. 1 in hair transplant industry in Thailand.


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